Why Cleaning Your Home Often Is A Must

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Do you struggle keeping your house clean every day? Do you ever feel like stopping this exercise because of the huge costs involved in hiring a team of professional cleaners? Living in a clean house has many benefits. Cleaning the house is a major hassle. However, even where you struggle keeping the house clean, learning the numerous benefits associated with the task should convince you of the importance of doing it as regularly as possible.

Cleaning As Part Of Improving Your Home

What does cleaning involve? Well, as part of daily cleaning routine, you should be ready to indulge in a lot of mopping, dusting and vacuuming various surfaces, rooms and items in the house. If you are naturally frugal, hiring a cleaner to do this job would be akin to suffering financial loss. A clean home provides the motivation required to pursue the best in life. Consequently, consider the following benefits of regularly cleaning the house.

The Cleaning Checklist

a) Health of the Family
The health of your family is very important. Keeping the house clean all the time is the easiest way of guaranteeing your family’s health. The cleaning session gets rid of all the bacteria on places such as kitchen counters. The mold and mildew that thrive unabated in the bathroom will be no more once you begin cleaning your space regularly. Baseboards full of dust and pet dander are responsible for causing allergies and diseases such as asthma, thus the need for cleaning.
Use non-toxic cleaning products to protect the health of your family. Cleaning using toxic products can mess with your family’s health. Look for green solutions and use them, especially where your home is full of children and pets. Even where you only have one child or a single pet, using the safe and non-toxic green solutions to clean the home regularly is highly recommended. Visit the local or online stores to learn more about the green cleaning products.
b) Increased Avenues for being Hospitable
It is much harder for you to be hospitable when your house is as untidy as a pigsty. You would find it hard inviting your friends to visit you in an unclean and messy house. An unclean house is often smelly, thus making it impossible to have any meaningful discussion with your friends when they visit. An unclean house reeks of poor hygiene, which makes it impossible for friends to accept your request to join you at the dinner table for a meal, no matter how sumptuous it is.
Inviting friends to your untidy home reflects poorly on you as a person. Cleaning the house regularly eliminates any sense of embarrassment that you might have felt in the past. You do not have to embark on an intensive cleaning exercise. A simple pick-up every day would produce amazing results and make the house clean. Ensuring that everything is at its right place is an easy task that you can do while waiting for the professional cleaners to arrive over the weekend.
c) Reduced Maintenance and Fewer Repairs
Regularly cleaning the house reduces your maintenance costs. In fact, it also eliminates the constant need that you have for repairing some appliances in the house. Regular cleaning preserves the appliances and fixtures in excellent condition. Water heating and air conditioning systems operate smoothly and without much hiccup in clean surroundings, because they do not have to contend with air that is full of dirt and dust.
You have to establish a regular cleaning schedule or routine. Through such a routine, you will have little trouble adding new but labor-intensive cleaning tasks without much difficulty. For example, you can now begin scrubbing all parts of the oven thoroughly. You can also focus on cleaning the washing machine thoroughly by adhering to the routine, thus ensuring that the appliance continues functioning excellently.
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d) Physical Exercise
Take part in a thorough cleaning session and see the benefits that it does to your heart. Do this and see your heart pumping heavily and faster. Some of the tasks that you should begin doing include scrubbing or vacuuming the different surfaces in your house. Carrying the vacuum cleaner around from one room to the next, especially if it is a heavy one, is a great way of exercising the muscles.
Carrying the cleaning equipment is akin to lifting weights. In fact, if you continue doing this regularly, expect to develop well-toned muscles and a fit, lean body soon. Spend around 30 minutes on each cleaning session and see the benefits that your body will enjoy. Regular cleaning is the easiest way through which to break a sweat without spending excessive sums of money on costly gym memberships.
e) Proper Use of Time
You are likely to waste too much time in an untidy house. This happens when you cannot locate your books or clothes in good time. Evidently, you will have to spend too much time trying to identify where you kept some of these items. Through regular cleaning, you will develop a habit of putting items in their proper places after using them. This way, you reduce the mess that needs cleaning up later, hence translating into excellent time management.
f) No worries about downtime
Adhering to a regular cleaning schedule eliminates all the worries you have regarding your downtime. No longer will you spend your relaxing time worrying about other tasks and activities that need your attention. To enjoy this benefit, you need to establish a regular cleaning schedule. Stick to the schedule for an opportunity to enjoy your downtime better. An untidy house can interfere with your downtime, thus making it harder for you to enjoy a relaxing moment.
g) Boosts productivity
It is impossible to work or live in a space that is not only untidy, but also messy, dirty and smelly. Such surroundings mess up with your productivity. You cannot cook a proper meal happily when the kitchen counter is full of dishes and crumbs lying all over the place. Working in the office when the desk is full pens and papers is much harder. A clean house provides the space, literally and mentally, that you need to focus exclusively on your work.
h) Enhances control
Living in a dirty and smelly habitat feels like losing control. It is hard to feel like you control your life when in an untidy house. You can regain control over your life by cleaning the house regularly. Cleaning the house regularly enhances the control that you have by getting rid of clutter, crumbs, stain and everything that makes your space untidy. Making the house clean has a positive effect on your mood.

Therefore, prioritize regular cleaning of your house from today.

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Fast and cheap Home Improvement

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Fast and cheap Home Improvement

Taking on a DIY home improvement project can cost you a lot more than hiring a professional crew to do it. That is why there are professionals that will do those big projects for you. But those small and cheap projects can be done without professional help and they do make the difference. If you are interested in those cheap, DIY ideas then stick with this article for a few minutes.

    Indoor wooden doors are rather mundane so you should look for a way to change that. You might have some ideas to do that, but the easiest way is to use some leftover wallpaper and cover then with it. In some rooms, the pattern will look nice if it is same as the wall and in other rooms this will not be the case. Experiment and find the best possible combination (wallpaper costs almost nothing so there is no loss if you throw away couple pieces of it).

If you have a closet or two to spare, then you should utilize the space they take. A medium size closet can be turned into a small home office. It is rather simple and inexpensive. Throw out the hanging rods and install shelves for desktop and storage. This is a perfect thing if one of the house attendants is working from home. This also empties a room or a part of the room in which the working space was before this great home improvement.

   cheap-wall-art-ideas-for-home-decorating-L-jFWaLbBig kitchen with a lot of appliances means that there will be a big number of upper cabinets that are there to mimic the bottom part of the kitchen. If this is the case and you don’t use all of those cabinets you might think about altering them to serve a better purpose. You can remove the doors on them and if necessary make them a bit shallower. After this, you can buy some paint and semi-gloss sheen to paint the interior. In this way, you will make beautiful shelves for items that are used on regular basis.6f4e51670dca22c3279bdc5aa9b58e45

    Bookshelves do look good, but they are a bit plain. To change that you can make cubbies (cubical spaces) in just a few hours of work. It is simple, take few sheets of plywood and measure it for the height of the shelf. Cut it and use glue and nails to finish. In general, you will want all the cubbies to look the same, but it is up to you. You can go with different sized spaces for different books or discs or any other things.

Some people use doormats and some don’t. There are some people who change their doormats on a regular basis, going from one style to another. But in essence, the doormat exists to keep the dirt from entering in a house. You can change it to refresh your entry hall or you can use one doormat for eternity and beyond. The best choice is to bu woven vinyl mats because they can be washed in a sink and they are cheap.

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